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Porto, Portugal


This course is designed for clinicians seeking to learn atrophic jaw rehabilitation techniques without the use of bone grafts. Students will be taught the entire workflow associated with total arch surgery, including planning cases from aesthetic and functional perspectives, effectively communicating with laboratories, mastering the fundamentals of full arch surgery, performing surgeries using tilted implants, and delivering provisional prostheses.


• The Palatal Approach – Technique
• Treatment of Severe Atrophic Maxilla
• Aesthetic and Functional Planning
• Full-Arch for Maxilla and Mandible
• Surgical and Prosthetic Planning of Clinical Cases


Dr. Pedro Moura is a member of the Board of the Portuguese Society of Implantology and Osteointegration (SOPIO). In 2014, he founded, and is currently the pedagogic coordinator at Foramen Dental Education, a dental training center in Porto dedicated to educating dentists in all areas of dentistry. In collaboration with Foramen Dental Education, he is also the Director of the Surgery and Clinical Residency Master’s program, Universidad Miguel Cervantes, where he leads a team of residents over a 10-month education and training period. Dr. Moura lectures regularly at both national and international conferences, and has been a keynote speaker at numerous events in the field of dental surgery, including autologous grafts, digital dentistry, sinus lift, full arch, and mucogingival procedures. He owns and manages a clinical practice in Porto that is limited to surgery.


Session I
• Definition and principles in immediate loading
• Basics of Aesthetic and Functional Planning
• Prosthetic Planning Workflow: Prosthetic abutments and restorative possibilities for single and multiple/cement and screw-retained
• Prosthetic prep for full arches-from impression to multi functional guide

Session II
• Surgical Technique: single and multiple unit
• Theory of Full-Arch Immediate Loading in the Maxilla and Mandible

Session III
• From simple to complex: Step-by-step surgical and prosthetic planning of clinical cases
• Discussion of clinical cases

Hands-on Session: Surgical procedures in full-arch cases and prosthetic restoration
• Introduction to palatal approach
• Full-arch surgical protocol
• Management of serious atrophic cases
• Understanding of planning and operating patients to deliver immediate single and multiple temporary restorations.

Live surgery
• Full arch surgery in patients

Jelentkezési lehetőség:

  • Start: március 17.
  • End: március 18.