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Canary Islands, Spain

This comprehensive 3-day course delves into various aspects of advanced dentistry, with a primary focus on soft tissue reconstruction in diverse clinical scenarios. Participants will gain valuable insights into the intricate art of managing complications, addressing diseases, and rectifying mistakes, enhancing their clinical skills and problem-solving abilities. Additionally, the course will explore the treatment of highly complex aesthetic situations, providing a well-rounded education in the field of dentistry, equipping participants with the knowledge and expertise needed to excel in their professional practice.

• Soft tissue reconstruction in different situations
• Management of complications, diseases, and mistakes
• Treatment of highly complex aesthetic situations


Dr. Paulo FernanDo Mesquita

Dr. Paulo Fernando Mesquita holds an impressive array of qualifications in the field of dentistry, including a postgraduate degree in maxillofacial surgery from UNIFENAS, another in periodontics from FORP – USP, and a further specialization in aesthetic dentistry from SENAC / SP.
His academic journey also includes a master’s degree in periodontics from CPO/ SLM. Moreover, he has taken on a leadership role as the scientific coordinator of the IMPLANTEPERIO INSTITUTE based in Sao Paulo, showcasing his commitment and expertise in the dental profession.


Session I Peri-implant Mucosa Defects
• Diagnosis protocol / classification / lip decision tree
• Treatment of volume alterations / fenestration
• Coverage of peri-implant mucosa recessions
• The importance of prosthetic management and adjustments
• Submerge vs no submerge
• Techniques for increasing/formation of keratinized tissue

Session II | Interproximal Defects
• Evaluation and diagnosis of interproximal deficiencies
• Techniques for vertical gain of soft tissues
• Reconstruction of papilla between teeth and implants
• Treatment options to optimize point areas

Session III | Complex Dental Reconstruction Cases
• Limits and decisions to maintain or explant
• Reconstructive strategies after explanation
• Correction of distortions caused by bone augmentation techniques
• Reconstructive therapy of peri-implantitis

Hands-on Session
• Anatomical considerations of donor areas
• Characteristics of soft tissue grafts
• Techniques for removing soft tissue grafts
• Techniques for removing bone graft from the tuberosity
• Procedures for vertical soft tissue augmentation
• Palatal rotated flaps